The main objective of Polskie Media is a comprehensive introduction of Information Technology and software development for small and medium-sized companies. Satisfying the individual needs of our clients is essential to us. Our products are flexible and custom-tailored for clients. We provide broad support for company management: tools, managers, modules of document circulation management, and internet shops.

Technologies Applied to the Requirements

We join modern internet and mobile technologies with database systems, business reports, electronical payment facilities and traditional programming. A classic example here would be a system of company management that integrates company database, local client applications, world wide availability, and mobile devices (e.g. smartfon, palmtop). In the beginnings, our field included mainly company websites design and simple applications for management. With time, after adapting subsequent technologies, we focused on integration of various systems and components to create consistent tools for business.

Individual Approach to the Client

The individual approach to each of our clients is crucial to us. We respect the specific requirements of the client starting from the preliminary stage of the project up to the final refinements. In other words, every system is designed in a unique way to guarantee meeting all expectations of the future users.